Wednesday, June 03, 2020

The number of home buyers and home loan applicants continues to grow

Changes in Home Funding can affect the home financing market and bring about changes. The number of home loan applicants is constantly increasing. The change that has taken place these days can affect the housing finance market.

Interest in the residential housing market is up 5%, according to data from September this year to September last year, according to real estate.


Home financing is yet to change

Home financing is yet to change

Home savings without state support will gradually weaken as existing contracts run out! According to government references, a home renovation element can be added, which in turn can increase its attractiveness.

Given the high demand, banks may also be launching new products in the future:

“Such as a personal loan or mortgage loan for renovation with an interest discount after saving”


There is a demand for home loans

There is a demand for home loans

and because of the rising cost of homes, the number of people who are looking for loans to finance home purchases may increase.

According to Engatlon: “In September, interest in private homes increased by 5% compared to the previous year. And the apartments in the housing offer were up by nearly 16% this month! ”

As property prices become more expensive, home buyers will increasingly need external sources to purchase real estate, which will continue to increase the role of home loans in the real estate market.

In the first half of 2018, more than 53,000 home loans were disbursed in the amount of HUF 395 billion, which is 11% more than in the first half of 2017, the expert said.


It is possible to calculate which loan is the winning for us

It is possible to calculate which loan is the winning for us

If we choose a fast-changing, short-term home loan, they will soon rise and become more expensive. Choosing a fixed rate of interest is definitely better, but whichever is most optimal depends on the security you choose, that is, the option available to prevent the installment from increasing much for us.

According to the current line-up, it is not disputed that when competing for the most favorable market-based home loan and qualified consumer-friendly loan, the winner is the all-time fixed-term qualified loan, subject to repayment. This could be up to $ 1.7 million for a $ 10 million loan, which is not a despicable price advantage!

If you would like to take a loan or are seriously interested in your options, call our credit broker to help you make a professional decision!

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