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Online Loan Simulation With Lowest Interest Rate

Making a simulation at Lifecredi is much easier than you might think. In this post, we explain all the steps of our simulator so you can apply for your loan with us simply and quickly!

Lifecredi simulator is the tool in which you will simulate real conditions of your loan. With it, you have access to the interest rates, payment terms and amounts of all installments from start to finish of your future contract.

You can also do as many simulations as you like , testing new payment terms according to the time that best fits your financial planning or even choosing different loan amounts. This makes it easier to decide if this is the option you are looking for.

But how does the simulator work in practice? Learn the steps you need to take when simulating Lifecredi loan . Follow them all and see how making online loan here with us is simple and hassle free.


How to simulate  

loan simulation

Basically, the process of simulating loan in our simulator has three steps as shown here:

In the first step, you enter the data of the property that you will use as collateral, in the second, your data and the third step is the final verification. Let’s go to each one of them!


Step 1 – Property Data

online loan

In this first step, you will enter the property data that will be placed as collateral in the loan simulation . Are they:

Property Type – Tell us if your property is an apartment, house, commercial property, or just land. If you have a wooden house or land without construction, it is important to know that :

Wooden House : You need to select the Land option in the simulator. This is because, for our operation, this type of property comes as non-endorsed (when the construction of the property is not included in the land registration) and has slightly different conditions.

But don’t worry, if you choose to go through the loan process, our team will talk to you to understand these details.

Land : If you have only one land, with no real estate built on it, you can only proceed with the Lifecredi loan if you are aiming to build or renovate . That is, if you use the loan money to build a property on this land or make a renovation (tearing down a wooden house to build a masonry, for example).

What is the value of your property? – Tell me how much your property is worth. It is important to consider its size and the region where it is allocated as the m² changes with each neighborhood.

What property is your property in? – Select the state where your property is allocated.

How much do you need? – Here you will enter the loan amount you are seeking. Remember that Lifecredi works with values ​​up to 50% of the value of your property , so if you have a property of 300 thousand you can take a loan of 100 thousand , but you can no longer take a loan of 200 thousand . In this particular case, you can choose any value between 30,000 and 150,000.

How many months do you want to pay off your loan? – Set how many months you want to pay off your loan. To change the deadline, you must select and drag the ball to the left if you want it in fewer months or to the right in more months.

The period you choose is the maximum term for repayment of the loan, but it is possible to pay off earlier if you have the money and choose to advance the payment. In this condition, you can contact us and negotiate different conditions.

After completing this information, click on “Next Step” and start the second step of the loan simulation .


Step 2 – A Little About You

interest rate

In Step 2, we ask you some questions that will help us know who you are. Look:

What’s your name? – enter your full name without abbreviations. Do not add comma or period.

DDD + Mobile – enter your mobile phone with DDD. No need to add dashes or dots, just numbers. Remember the digit “9” in front of your number, otherwise the simulator will not recognize it as a valid number.

Email – enter your email, but be sure to verify that it is correct, because at the end of the simulation we also sent the result by email.

Your Social Security Number and When You Were Born – Enter your social security number and date of birth without dots or dashes. No need to worry, all information provided is confidential and will be secure.

After all fields are completed, select the Privacy Policy box and the Information Use Policy . Thus, you guarantee the confidentiality of all your information.

It is important that all fields are completed so that you can get the result of the loan simulation . If all is right, go to the next step.


Step 3 – Final Verification

loan verification

This is the last step and serves to validate if you are using the simulator – being important for information security purposes.

Here we send a 4-digit verification code via SMS to the informed mobile phone.

Once you receive this code, enter it in the blank field and click “See Result”.

Ready! The simulator will bring all the information of your future loan. In the example below, we used a property of 300 thousand reais and chose a term of 132 months to pay. For a loan of 30,000 , the installments average $724.02 .

After evaluating the simulation result, it’s time to decide if you are going to borrow online from Lifecredi.

If you want to simulate other values, you can choose to Redo the simulation by changing term and values, evaluating what changes with respect to the plots in each one.

See how easy it is to use the Lifecredi simulator? Now that you know how to complete each step, it’s time to do your real simulation . Start moving forward with your projects now!

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